New Sculptures: 2015

Written by Michael G. Brown


new sculpture 2015′

‘The Great Charters’ 2015
Mixed Media
Placed side by side in the British Library, two very different sets of manuscripts tell of iconic moments in history; the 800 year old Magna Carta and the original penned lyrics of the Beatles. These documents have no particular relationship but their proximity suggests an equal historical importance. This intrigued me and prompted this set of sculptures of Britain’s most famous musicians of the 20th century, depicted as historical barons, using a combination of clay and marquetry. The style of their clothing was also a nod to their album cover for ‘Sergeant Pepper’s lonely hearts club band’, designed by artist Peter Blake.

Great charters



Great Charters

‘The Proof of the Pudding’ 2015
Mixed Media
I was lucky enough to meet Mr Perry during the filming of his documentary series ‘Who am I?’, when he and his camera crew came to visit Mary Hare school for the deaf. I work as an artist in residence at the school and was once a pupil there. This particular episode was to centre around Perry’s observations of a deaf family who in turn inspired a piece of his art. My own work, ‘The proof of the pudding’, came from an immediate thought I had upon observing Grayson Perry, who also has a hearing impairment, taking a rather long time to commit to his choice of dessert from the school’s canteen. I liked the thought of capturing this little detail about him, just as he sought out the details of others lives for his own art.


The Proof of the Pudding

‘The Proof Of The Pudding’ 2015, ‘The Great Charters’ 2015 Crank Clay, Portland Stone and Marquetry